June 10, 2024

Sarawak Academic, Innovation and Cultural Exchange Programme (SAICEP) 2024 was held from 12th to 17th May of 2024. The collaborative programme between Jawatankuasa Kolej Mahasiswa Kolej Tuanku Canselor, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and Jawatankuasa Perwakilan Kolej Allamanda, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), aims to exchange academic knowledge, encourages innovation and promotes cultural exchange between Johor and Sarawak. The crews involved were 20 students from Kolej Tuanku Canselor, UTM, and 20 students from Kolej Allamanda, UNIMAS, consisting of a diverse group of individuals from various ages, races, religions and academic specialties.

The closing ceremony of the programme was held on 16th of May 2024. The closing ceremony was attended by Profesor Insinyur, Technologist. Dr. Al-Khalid bin Haji Othman, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Students and Alumni of UNIMAS (HEPA), Profesor. Madya Dr. Faisal Ali Bin Anwarali Khan, Director of Student Development Centre UNIMAS, Encik Muhammad Azhan bin Abdullah, Principal of Allamanda College, Dr. Muhammad Talhah bin Jima’ain, fellow of Tuanku Canselor College UTM, Prof Madya Dr. Sophian bin Bujang, Former Principal of Allamanda College, Haji Yul Haidzir Razali, President of  Kuching Family Park neighbourhood committee, Nur Fariza binti Muhammad, Programme Director SAICEP (UTM), Sarah Yong Xin Ying, Programme Co-director SAICEP (UNIMAS), Mohd Zul Hariz bin Mohd Fadzli, President of UNIMAS Student Representative Committee (MPP), SAICEP UNIMAS Committee & UTM, Committee members of Kejiranan Mesra Kuching Family Park, Members of UNIMAS Student Representative Committees, SAICEP participants and respected attendees. The closing ceremony was held from 7.30 p.m. until 10.00 p.m. at Student Pavilion Multipurpose Hall. 

 The closing ceremony of SAICEP

 A few attendees from KFP Neighbourhood Committees

Some of the respected attendees

The cultural exchange aspect of the programme was well portrayed by the performances performed during the ceremony. The UTM students performed the Bidayuh traditional dance named Rejang Be’uh from Sarawak whereas the UNIMAS students performed the Malay Johor traditional dance called Tarian Zapin Johor. 

Rejang Be’Uh dance performed by UTM students

 Tarian Zapin performed by UNIMAS students

Tokens of appreciation were also given during the closing ceremony from UTM to HEPA, and UNIMAS and KFP. The KFP also gave their token of appreciation to UTM and UNIMAS. In addition, there was also an exchange of gifts between UTM and UNIMAS in which UNIMAS gifted traditional Pua Kumbu cloth of Iban origin to UTM while UTM gifted a plaque to UNIMAS.  

Plaque Handover from SAICEP to HEPA UNIMAS

 Plaque and Certificate for Ferrocement Participants Handover from SAICEP to KFP

Plaque Handover from KFP to UNIMAS

 Plaque Handover from KFP to UTM

Plaque Handover for Gift Exchange from Tuanku Canselor College UTM to Allamanda College UNIMAS

 Pua Kumbu Handover for Gift Exchange from Allamanda College UNIMAS to Tuanku Canselor College UTM

The closing ceremony went smoothly; however, this is not the end of the relationship between UNIMAS and UTM students. We hereby hope all those involved will treasure this experience and that such collaborative programmes will be conducted again in the near future.

  Photo of SAICEP participants and respected attendees

 Participants of SAICEP from UTM and UNIMAS

Prepared by EXCO Akademik dan Kesarjanaan and Unit PASKAL, Allamanda College.

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