May 14, 2024

The EduTour event is designed to foster collaboration between students at UNIMAS and SRMIST through a project competition centered around the Bridge Project. This initiative embodies cross-cultural collaboration and innovation while providing a platform for students to exchange ideas and communicate effectively, ultimately enhancing the likelihood of success. Malaysia and India offer unique reference standards, which can lead to interesting discussions and expose students to diverse perspectives, allowing them to better understand how subtle differences can impact outcomes.


The initiative brings together students from diverse cultural backgrounds, amplifying the breadth of perspectives and highlighting the importance of intercultural dialogue in fostering a holistic learning experience.

The selected project, called “Enduring Edifice: The Build to Last Bridge Challenge,” encapsulates the essence of cross-cultural collaboration and innovation.

During the event, participants from both academic institutions showcase their experiences and varied methodologies in tackling the challenges posed by the project. The evaluation of project success depends on the structural integrity of the constructed bridges under applied loads, which serves as a tangible metric of accomplishment and underscores the efficacy of student discussions and collaboration in navigating complex engineering challenges.

The India Chapter of the EduTour Program is dedicated to promoting engineering, cultural exchange, and volunteerism. The primary objective of the program is to foster knowledge sharing and cultural exchange among engineering students and professionals from Malaysia’s Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) and India’s SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST).

The program provides students with opportunities to engage in cross-cultural learning experiences, volunteer projects, and knowledge sharing. Situated in Chennai, India, SRMIST offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs in science and engineering. Through the program, students can participate in research internships and cultural exchange activities, strengthening the connections between UNIMAS and SRMIST students. Participating in this program has been a truly enriching experience, both in terms of engineering and personal growth. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we have come to realize that we are all human beings and have much in common. This program has helped us appreciate and respect our shared humanity.

Prepared by the Student Association of Engineering (SAFE), Faculty of Engineering, UNIMAS.

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