July 16, 2024

FSSH had recently organised its Dean’s List Ceremony to honour those students who excelled in their academic pursuit in the last semester. The Dean’s List Ceremony is a much-awaited event among the students, as it celebrates and recognises their outstanding academic performance.

Niqkiesther Dumon (left) and Danealson Douglas (2nd left) sharing their joy with fellow recipients, Shannia Dedee, Kristine Robert and Flora Juli. For Niqkiesther Dumon the ceremony means a lot to them as it is a way to celebrate the students’ achievements and a recognition of their hard work.

A total of 260 students received the Dean’s List certificate during the ceremony, for their academic excellence during Semester 1, 2023/2024. The ceremony was also attended by the Dean, Dr Kiky Kirina Abdillah, the deputy deans, programme co-ordinators, and lecturers.

One for the album – with Dr Kiky Kirina & the rest of the management team.

In her speech, the Dean of FSSH, Dr Kiky Kirina Abdillah reminded the students that holistic students are individuals who excel not only academically but also in character development and self-identity. She advised the students to embody a balanced approach to personal development, excelling in their studies while, at the same time, cultivating important life skills and values. Dr Kiky further added that such comprehensive development prepares them to face future challenges with resilience and integrity, making them well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society.

“It is our hope that all of you will play a greater role that can help to transform our society, befitting FSSH’s tagline: as a partner for social change.” – Dr Kiky Kirina Abdillah

Dr Athirah Azhar, the programme co-ordinator for Social Work Programme, with her group of students.

Deputy Dean (Industry & Community Engagement), Dr Regina Garai states that the Dean’s List Ceremony is more than just an acknowledgement of academic success, but also a celebration of perseverance, dedication and intellectual curiosity.

Consistency is the name of the game and this has been the strategy adopted by several Dean’s List recipients. For Niqkiesther Dumon anak Binit and Danealson Douglas, both from the Development Planning and Management Programme, this was not their first Dean’s List award as they have been consistently doing well in the past few semesters. For Niqkiesther Dumon, this was his fifth Dean’s List Certificate since he started his undergraduate journey and he hopes he will also get another one for his last semester at UNIMAS (Note: he is currently on the last semester of his study).

Once again, congratulations to all the recipients. This event not only honours the students who excelled but also serves as an inspiration to the others. Onwards and upwards all the way!

FSSH -a partner for social change.

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