May 14, 2024

Dr. Jacey-Lynn Minoi, a finalist for the 2024 UK Alumni Award in the Science & Sustainability Category, stands as a beacon of excellence in her field. Her recognition underscores the exceptional contributions she has made, highlighting the pivotal role of education and international collaboration in driving transformative change and innovation. As co-founder of the CreativeCulture initiative and the first Gamification Centre in Malaysia, Dr. Jacey is dedicated to enriching local communities through STEAM+ education and technology innovation. Her research focuses on empathic approaches in educational play and game development, reflecting her commitment to fostering creativity and collaboration.

Reflecting on her educational journey spanning from Manchester University to Imperial College London, Dr. Jacey emphasizes the significance of fundamental knowledge and learning skills acquired during her time in the UK. Exposure to diverse experts from academia and industry broadened her horizons, providing insights into real-world challenges and the potential impact of her work. Beyond academia, Dr. Jacey’s involvement in informal education, leadership roles, and community initiatives underscores her commitment to bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Dr. Jacey’s international projects like CreativeCulture and ACES have positively impacted over 50,000 participants, earning recognition through awards and grants. Looking to the future, she advocates for enhanced collaboration between Malaysia, the UK, and partners from neighboring countries. Strategic processes and outcomes are crucial for sustaining global partnerships effectively.

Furthermore, Dr. Jacey’s dedication to supporting local communities, from healthcare to education in rural areas, exemplifies her commitment to making a tangible difference. She urges aspiring leaders to embrace diversity in experiences and perspectives, recognizing education’s transformative power in empowering women and driving positive change. Her journey serves as inspiration for women in research and leadership roles worldwide, highlighting the importance of representation and advocacy for gender equality.

 Dr. Jacey-Lynn Minoi’s story exemplifies the transformative impact of education and international collaboration. Her dedication to innovation, community engagement, and women’s empowerment inspires us to strive for excellence and drive positive change in our respective fields.

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